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Service and Technical Support

In addition to high-quality pumps (either standard or customized), TELEC also provides systematic water supply and drainage solutions.

With the relentless pursuit of excellence, Stream is now widely welcomed by its more than 10 million customers in more than 40 countries around the world. To meet the expanding market demand from our customers, we are now looking for influential regional/national distributor around the world.

TELEC holds a belief of positive and inclusive mentality to face the competition and cooperation. We welcome competition and cooperation which is beneficial and profitable for the market and the customers. Ways of cooperation, including OEM is welcomed based on mutual benefit.

Our liquid pumps are widely used in aspects of social projects and emergency rescue and disaster relief projects.

1) In the year of 2010, Stream pumps were used in the hot water circulation system project for the Soccer City, Johannesburg—the main stadium of South Africa World Cup.
2) Stream pumps contributed to the disaster relief of Thailand's flood in 2011 and the Philippines' typhoon in 2013.
3) Stream pumps are also applied in national-level construction projects, such as the reconstruction tenders of Iraq and the pressurization system project of real estate project which is government-founded in Philippines.

For all the above ways of cooperation, we provide complete services before and after sales.

1. Pre-sale services
1) Sample: samples are provided in different ways for different customers. Sample pumps with power below 1HP are provided free of charge, but you still need to pay freight for it. To get sample pumps with power above 1HP, you have to pay the purchase price, and we can send the sample to your specified place: to somewhere in China, we can cover the freight charges, but to places outside of China, we may either cover the freight or not.
2) Documents: if requested, we will promptly provide such documents as brochures, instructions for use, test reports, etc.
3) R & D: we have a professional technical team who has close cooperation with well-know pump manufacturers in the world. With leading-edge concept of technical service, we can carry out improvement of conventional pumps or development of new pumping equipment for you.

2. Sales services
1) Packaging:
We use our patented Stream color box to pack products with our own logo, and the design is regularly updated.
For OEM products, we have a professional graphic design team who can provide various designs according to customers' requirements. This service is only available with a minimum order quantity: 500 pieces per model or series. We can provide pallet packaging to protect the cartons upon request.
2) Graphic design services:
We can make promotional materials for products that you order from us.
3) Delivery:
Our normal delivery time is 30-45 days.
But every March to August is our busy season for production, so during this period, the delivery time is about 60 days.

3. After-sales service
1) Warranty:
Within 1 year after receipt of the goods, we provide free maintenance or replacement to fix quality-related problems. Wearing parts are provided free of charge. Beyond warranty period, the above said troubleshooting is available upon payment.
For large-scale project that involves the use of our pumps, we can send technicians to construction site to carry out maintenance depending on the circumstances.
Normally, the failure rate of our products is less than 1%, because they have endured testing for 3 times before delivery.
2) Installation and commissioning:
In the process of large-scale projects, if you are not familiar with how to use the pumps properly, we will provide installation and commissioning video or software, or send related technical personnel to your site to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
3) Customer visit:
Our sales staff will have regular communications with you to learn about sales of our products and develop targeted marketing plans with you.