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Water Pump Quality Control

1. Purchasing and Incoming Inspection
1.1 Quality control over raw materials is implemented as required by "Procurement Quality Control Procedures".

Parts department and QC department are responsible for having check, assessment, and management on raw material suppliers. We have a catalog of qualified suppliers, which is evaluated and updated annually.

Materials are prepared according to the list provided by technical department, common parts are sourced from matched suppliers, and procurement of other key parts and materials should first have the approval of the technical person in charge.

1.2 Inspection of outsourced parts and materials should be carried out in accordance with "Technical Drawings", "Incoming Inspection Norms", and "Part Incoming Inspection SOP". Only qualified ones can be allowed to have access to warehouse, and the inspection record is kept. If the testing report is provided by the supplier, the supplier must attach the original inspection record. The record and report will be confirmed by our laboratory or QC department.

1.3 Electronic components and materials will be inspected annually, such as such as enameled wire, compulsory certification components (cables, terminals, centrifugal switches, etc.),voluntary certification components (capacitors, reactors, controllers, etc.). When this periodic inspection is completed by the supplier, we keep the relevant test reports provided by the supplier.

2. Production Process Control and Process Inspection
2.1 Production process control
2.1.1 Cast iron, cast aluminum, and rotor machining dimensions are in accordance with design drawings, so the dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance meet national standards. Every step of making components that involves punching and shearing is checked, also including bending and welding. The welding, which may affect structural strength of the water pump, should be carried out according to the operation guide book.
2.1.2 Stator thermal jacket is produced in accordance with Stator Winding Operation SOP.
2.1.3 Phosphate surface treatment should comply with Typical Phosphide Process Procedures, and spraying comply with Electrostatic Spraying Process.
2.1.4 Assembly is the key factor in quality assurance of electric pumps. The assembly quality directly affects the overall performance of the product, so it should be strictly in accordance with the "Production Process Operation SOP", "Technical Operation SOP", etc.

2.2 Key process control
Key processes in the production, such as dip coating and surface spraying, should be done as required and parameters of each batch of production should be recorded. Environmental conditions should be created as required by "environmental control program" and "process control procedures".

2.3 Process inspection records
Cast iron piece, cast aluminum piece and rotor processing, must be checked in aspects of material and structure to ensure the finished parts are consistent with the sample or specification that was confirmed by the customer.

In product assembly phase, the model, specification, and special size of the parts, as well as the materials, logos, and nameplates will go through consistency check.

3. Routine Test and Confirmatory Test
3.1 Routine test
100% routine test for mandatory certification product, in reference to Factory Inspection Requirements.

3.2 Confirmatory test
Confirmatory test is carried out once a year, in reference to "Confirmatory Inspection Requirements."

3.3 Our factory keeps records of routine tests and confirmatory tests.

4. Packaging, Handling and Storage
4.1 Quality control over packaging, handling and delivering should meet the customer’s special requirements or be in line with Product PackagingInspection SOP.

4.2 In order to strengthen warehouse storage management, as well as to prevent pumping equipment from being damaged or deteriorated before use. The warehouse must be well-ventilated. Products that have been stored for more than 12 months must be re-testedand repackaged before shipping.