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Water Pump Production Capacity

Committed to water pump production, our company has been well operated for more than 16 years and the scale has been gradually expanding to better suit the ever-increasing demand. Now we have 3 production bases that cover a total 87000 m2:

The 1st production base:
Building area: 18,000m2
Employees: 198
Sales people: 14
Technical people: 12
Number of production lines: 3
Annual capacity: 350,000 units

  • Assembly line
  • Automatic painting

The 2nd production base:
Total area: 30 m2
Building area: 18,000m2
Employees: 200
Sales people: 6
Technical people: 8
Number of production lines: 5
Annual capacity: 150,000 units

  • Finishing
  • Production planning management, site 6S management, and quality control, run through our production.
  • Submersible pump workshop
  • Forklifts are putting the ordered goods from the warehouse into containers.

The 3rd production base:
Total area: 70 m2
Employees: 400
Sales people: 15
Technical people: 10
Number of production lines: 7 (including an Italian imported one)
Annual capacity: 1,000,000 units

  • Production Line 1:
    Workers busy in production
  • Production Line 2:
    Workers start production in spacious workshop
  • Italian production line, the leading imported production line.
  • Painting line