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Production base in Xiqing District, Tianjin was completed, covering an area of 20,000 m2.
Hiring workers (12 people in March, 60 people in July, 120 people in December)
6 basic models of pumps commercially available: SQB60, SQB80, SCPM128, SJET100, SJET200
3 production lines were put into use
Supply castings for a first-class water pump brand in Italy
OEM products tapped into Dubai and Iran

ISO9001 certified
Attain CE certificate-our first international certificate
Our technical director and chief of the production line went to Italy for studying.
QB, CPM, JET series were gradually improved and development of cast iron pumps and other products started according to customers' requirements.
OEM products tapped into Iraq and Nigeria
Stream brand created
Sample exhibition hall completed

Management and technical staff traveled to Europe to learn advanced management and exchange production technology.
Overhaul of workshops, warehouses was completed.
OEM products tapped into Thailand, Turkey, Syria, and Pakistan.
The first batch of Stream pump was exported to Iran.
Expansion and improvement of the line of the cast iron pump.
Development of SVQ submersible pump and four inch deep well pump.

CCC certified Gradual expansion of conventional models of cast iron pumps, submersible pumps to meet market demand
The cooperation with the Italian brand expanded to include bare pumps.
OEM pumps exported to Europe, such as Norway, France, Ireland and other countries and regions
Stream brand tapped into Iraq, Syria, and Turkey
Brand agent agreement with Iran DIESEL SAZ
Participation in International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran

The second production base, covering an area of 22,000m2, was settled with formal contract in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.
OEM pumping equipment tapped into Southeast Asia.
Stream pump served in the flooded areas of Bangladesh.
Stream brand attained presence on the European market.
Stream pressurization system repeatedly involved in Iran's municipal engineering tender projects.
Send two engineers to Iran to offer guidance on product use and maintenance
Participation in two sessions of the Canton Fair

Headquarter plant in Xiqing was refurbished
Impeller balancing instrument was imported from Italy, bringing better impeller stability and longevity than peers
German WEH quick connectors were introduced to have more stringent air tightness control
Sales department moved to the center of Tianjin
Corporate culture development
SPA, SPK, SWVSD, SWSD series of new pumping devices available for OEM & Stream
Cooperation on pressurization system with well-known architecture enterprise in the Philippines
Agent in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq
Send 2-5 engineers to agent partners' sites in the above countries to offer technical guidance for product use and maintenance
Participation in WETEX Dubai
Participation in two sessions of the Canton Fair

The third production base was built and put into use in Fu'an, Fujian Province, covering an area of 45,000 m2.
OEM & Stream small home pressurization systems PW139, AUTO are commercially available.
Successful bidder for the project of hot water circulation system of World Cup soccer stadium
Stream pumps tapped into Nigeria, South Africa and other African countries and regions
Participation in International Eco-city Technology and Construction Exhibition
Participation in Power Bangladesh
Agent agreement signed in Yemen and Jordan

The introduction of German nameplate manufacturing instrument and laser technology enables us to quickly meet customer needs.
SKQ, SPS, SWQAS series of new water pumps available for OEM & Stream brand
Participation in the Russian exhibition Aqua-Therm
Interview by Tianjin Radio Station
Participation in 111th-112th Canton Fair
Technical cooperation with South Korean first-class brand
Support flooded areas in Thailand

Dubai office was set up.
Sales department moved to a new house.
New exhibition hall was completed and put into use.
Rebuild corporate culture, and further point out the development direction of the company
SJLM series pump was rolled out.
Electricity Exhibition in Dubai, a visit to Lebanon
Participation in 113th-116th Canton Fair
Participation in water exhibition in Milan, Italy
Participation in Aqua Therm in Russia
Participation in Big Five Fair in Dubai
Participation in China Industry Expo in Myanmar