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    1. Peripheral Pump

      Peripheral pump, also known as vortex pump, belongs to the vane pump family and is mainly comprised of the impeller, pump body and the housing cover.

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    1. Centrifugal Pump

      Centrifugal pump is a preferred heavy duty water pump. A multi-stage centrifugal pump may show itself in applications that require high head.

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    1. Submersible PumpTo ensure safety and reliability of pump operation in harsh environments, the motor has built-in thermal protection, which can automatically cut off power supply when overheat or overcurrent occurs.
    1. Submersible PumpThis submersible pump functions as a sewage pump for pumping slurry and waste water. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, mining, civil construction, farm irrigation, pond dredging and city environmental protection
    1. Pressure TankPressure tank is of airbag type, so water is not in contact with tank wall, and therefore rusting and secondary water pollution can be avoided. Our pressure tank is currently the mainstream product on the market. Materials for airbags can be customized.
    1. Pressure ControllerPressure controller, or pressure switch, utilizes high-accuracy, high-stability pressure sensor and transmitter circuit to achieve the monitoring and display of signal of water pump and pipework pressure, alarming and output signal control.
    1. Pressure GaugeThe pressure gauge takes elastic element as the sensor, measuring and indicating pressures higher than ambient pressure.
    1. Float SwitchFloat switch is a liquid level controller that comes with simple structure and features ease of use. It does not have complicated circuit, and it will not be disturbed. As long as the material is correctly chosen, the float switch is workable for liquids with any property, any pressure, and any temperature.
    1. Valves and Connectors (Inlet Valve, Outlet Valve and Brass Connectors for Water Pump)As basic component of pipework, the valve is the mechanical device that controls the flow, direction, pressure, temperature of liquid medium. We provide inlet valve and outlet valve for water pump.