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Centrifugal Pump

    1. Centrifugal Pump (SCP Series Single Phase Water Pump)SCP series single phase water pump is a highly efficient electric pump for use at home. It has small figure but high efficiency, and it is easy, safe and reliable to use. This centrifugal pump is a great pumping device
    1. Centrifugal Pump (SHF Series Single Phase Water Pump)SCM series centrifugal pump is a single phase water pump. Small but efficient, it is a good pumping equipment for supplying water to families, drawing well water, watering gardens and so on. As a domestic water pump, it is easy, safe and reliable to use. Also, it can be used as an industrial water pump in some occasions.
    1. Centrifugal Pump (SNFM Series High Flow Water Pump)As a high flow water pump, SNFM centrifugal pump is mainly employed by industrial or agricultural applications that require high volume and high head. The high volume pump has been optimized to have advantages of smooth operation, reliable performance, and full head run

Key parts of a centrifugal pump include the impeller, pump housing and the shaft seals.

1. With high flow and higher efficiency than that of vortex pump and jet pump, the centrifugal pump is a preferred heavy duty water pump. A multi-stage centrifugal pump may show itself in applications that require high head.
2. Water is sucked in along the axial direction of the impeller and flows out perpendicular to the axial direction, i.e. the inlet and outlet flow form a 90° angle.
3. Because the water suction depends on vacuum force, before starting the centrifugal pump, please fill the pump and suction pipes with water to exclude the air. The pump housing and pipework must be tightly sealed to avoid risk of air leakage, otherwise the water suction fails.
4. For the centrifugal pump, flow is proportional to power. The larger the flow is, the more watts consumed.
5. Flow range: 0.5-2000 m3/ h; head range: 3-2800 m.